Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Post Office

I opened a Dutch bank account 2.5 weeks ago.

Oh how i wish i never bothered.

After queing in the 'pick a number line and wait your turn' for half an hour i was told i needed to queue at the information desk. So after another half an hour i opened my account and was told a letter would arrive with 2 weeks for me to collect my bank card. Super.

So, one week and 6 days later i am in town. I therefore decide to pop into the post office on the off chance that my card will be waiting for me. So i queue again for half an hour at the information desk. I give the lovely gentleman my information.

'Yes madam, your card was made yesterday'

'oh great, can i have it then?'


'erm.. ok.. why?'

'You need to have recieved the letter to tell you your bank card has arrived'

'well.. i know my bank card has arrived.. you just told me it has..'

And so on.. the conversation continued.. ok.. so i go home. Sure enough the letter is waiting for me on the door step.

So.. i go back the next day, i queue for yet another half hour, speak to the same man, only to find out this is the wrong letter. This letter gives me information about my bank card, and sure enough i need the letter to explain to me that my bank card has arrived at the bank, just incase i dont already know.

Yes, you guessed it, i get home and the letter is waiting for me on the door step.. yes,, the right letter this time.

So i go back the next day. The bloke that served me before isnt working today, so after another long wait i speak to the other guy who informs me i have just queued for a rediculously long time at the wrong counter and could i please pick a number and wait in line.

(Why, may i ask did the other bloke not think to say, 'Oh by the way miss, when you finally do come to get your bank card, with the correct letter, you need to pick a number.' Would that have been so hard?!)

So i pick a number.. i wait in line.. I'm told i'm at the wrong bank.

End of story.

So much to say!

Well, since I blogged last, my mother has been to stay; It was so lovely to see her and spend some proper time just the two of us.

Mum's flight arrived Thursday afternoon (after a few minor problems about her trip to Rotterdam) she arrived safe and well.

We started her stay with a walk along the River/Canal/Pond like thing and went into town to visit Jack.
On the Friday me and Mum went for the 'nicest coffee you have ever tasted' coffee shop (of course a slice of cake was thrown in there for good measure), did a spot of shopping (mum bought me a lovely purple and white wrap around dress) and met Jack for lunch.
We went to the habour at Blaak for lunch (the same place we went for mine a Jack 1 yearer)

The Cube houses at Blaak, believe it or not they are actually flat inside..

On Saturday our plan was a three hour boat tour to see the windmills in Rotterdam, however, it was fully booked (that reminds me.. i must tell you about the post office system.. ill save that one for a post all of its own..) As it was a sold out tour we decided to hit the shops. Not that i am complaining of course! The Boat trip would have been really lovely as it is something i wouldnt normally do, however, i was in desperate need of some clothes. No longer!! I now have 2 new pairs of summer trousers and 4 new tops.

Sunday me, mum, Ineke and the children all went to the Dunya festival, you can read more about it on Inekes blog (sorry about the lack of link, not really sure how to do them, however her address is on my link list).

Dunya festival

Mum went home yesterday but her flight wasn't until later in the afternoon so we thought we would make the most of it and spend the day in Amsterdam. It rained. Well not all day. When we first arrived we went on an hours boat tour of the canals. I never realised Amsterdam was Venice II.

Me and Mum on the boat

After getting off the boat we decided to head towards the Anne Frank house and stop for food on the way. Well, lets say we got as far as food. And. It. Poured. Anyway, we sat to eat in a nice little pizzaria. It was dissapointing that the weather couldn't hold out for us but still, no point in mopping around. After some serious umberella buying we headed in the direction of Anne Frank (well, her house anyway) but changed our minds half way there because of the rain. Anyway, we ended up in a shopping mall, surprise, surprise. However, only a few minutes were spent here before realising the time and heading back to the station.

Mum cried. I cried. We said our goodbyes and the train left. Although it went very quickly, we still had a lovely time.

Now before mum left she gave me and Jack some money to do something nice with, so me and Jack headed for Madame Tusaudes. The pictures say it all.

Jack playing bongo's with the one and only Bob Marley

He just couldn't resist a grope..

And yet again.. he couldn't contain himself..

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Soooo Daaan!!!

On this day, one year ago, the man of my dreams walked into my life.

OK, really, it wasnt that dramatic. But, yes, me and Jack have been together one year today.

To celebrate we are going out to an Italian restaraunt for lunch. Yum.

Shall maybe post some pictures later.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Bal-lorig anyone?

Last week the kids were on their school holidays, not that it affected me much as i was in England most of the week, but i did have them all to myself on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday we all went to the Ballorig, was sooo much fun.. as you can see from the pictures, a good round of Dungeons adn Dragons then took place!!

On Friday we went to the Cinema to watch Cinderella, well the Dutch one anyway.. and of course, our day couldn't end without a good helping hot Chocomel!!
These have to be my favourite pictures ever.......

..... do you see why!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007


OK, so its been a while!! Since i have been back from England life has been a little hectic!! Arrived home wednesday evening, had the kids all day thursday and friday and have been at Jacks for the weekend. On top of that i am trying to find a college to register for in September, along with accomadation and money!!

Anyway, the point of this post is to show you some pictures from my trip to england. So here goes.

We arrived into Bristol on Wednesday morning, was picked up from the airport by Sophie and drove down to Devon. Of course, the first meal we had had to be typically English, Jack having an English fry up and me Bangers and Mash. Good ol' Weatherspoons.

Wednesday evening we went to eat with Jacks Dad and Stepmum (Have you noticed our holiday has been mainly focused around food so far?)

Jack with his younger brother, Gabriel

Thursday lunchtime I met up with Joanna, a good friend of mine in England for a girly lunch and gossip (this was before i bought my camera so have no piccis im afraid) I had a lovely peking duck wrap and smoothie (still.. food..). Thursday afternoon Jack visited his Dad whilst i spent some time with my Mum.

In the evening Mum and Val made me and Jack the most delicious BBQ along with pasta salad, marinaded onion and home made BBQ sauce.. hmm..

Friday AKA my Birthday. Friday morning we went to Carlinos, a newly opened cafe/restauraunt in town for a coffee. After this i went to buy my rather lushus camera. I would show youa picture, but kinda hard to take a picture of a camera, have you ever tried? ANYWAY. Friday evening me and Jack went for a meal at the Hare and Hounds, where we used to work and met some friends for a drink afterwards.

Me and Jack before we went out

Us in The Hare and Hounds

Jess and Gemma, friends of ours

Jack with his Dad and Uncle

A friend of mine, Wendy and myself

On the Saturday afternoon me and Jack were taken to the train station by my Mum and Val, to catch out train to Reading.

Jack, Me and Mum
Mum, Me and Val

The day after we arrived in Reading my Auntie Lesley came to visit with my cousin Emma. As i havent seen her for over a year this was a lovely surprise!!!

Jack and Emma

We then continued our holiday in bedford with my Dad, Jodi and Brothers and Sisters. Heres a couple of pics of our last few days.

My Father

Me and My Sister, Connie

My Brother, Patrick

The End of our Holiday

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Just a quickie!!

Just to let you all know that i am still alive and well, am visiting England at the moment so will update you when you when i return!!!