Friday, 29 June 2007

Another little rant..

OK, so i know ive been ranting a lot recently.. but i really have to say this.

I called an anti-kraak organisation this morning. To begin with i was put through to 4 or 5 differnet people. When i finally got to speak to somebody, this is what i was faced with.

'Hi, my names Rachel Cornford, i wondered if you could talk me through your anti-squat accomidations'

'PardON?' (Yes - ON is in capitals to put the emphasis where she did.'

I repeat the above line.. my names Rachel.. etc..

'Ik spreek nederlands' (said in a who the frig do you think you are to call this number sort of way.)

'OK, well could i speak to somebody that speaks English please?'

'Well, you didnt explain that you were English did you? you just went right ahead and spoke it'

So what may i ask was her little outburst all about?!?!

So now i am starting to get a little pissed at the way she is talking to me

'So you do speak English?'

'Yes i speak English'

'OK, well could you tell me about the anti squat accomidation you have please?'

'i have no idea what you are talking about - i think you have the wrong number'

At this point - if it was possible, i would have dived down the phone and put a stake through her heart. (OK, so maybe thats a little over dramatic..)

'No, i definatly have the right number, i was refered to you by a friend, i want information about the anti squat accomidation you have'

'We dont have anti squat accomidation, we get you to fill in the forms and put you on a waiting list'

Sorry - correct me if im wrong but has she not just completely contradicted what she said?

'Ok, well could you tell me how to go about it then please, where i get the forms etc..'

'Everything is on the internet - goodbye'

Everything may well be on the internet.

The internet is Dutch.

Seriously, some people are so rude.

Thursday, 28 June 2007


Jack has recently found out that his step mum is having another baby in June.. blimy.. if our families get any bigger we could fill a school..

I'm one of six and he will be one of four.. that nakes ten of us to those of you who are not quite sure.. not to mention his mother alone is one of ten children!!! yes you read correctly!!


Anti-Kraak AKA Anti-Squat is an organisation that hires people to live in homes that will be demolished in a year or so. The idea of this programme is to preven squatters from taking over unused property.

Me and Jack are looking into being a part of this. There are several advantages, extremely low rent (100 euros a month!!) can be huge houses which would normally be 900+ a month etc etc..

The disadvantages are you could be kicked at with as little as 2 weeks notice. However, doesn't this make everything just a tad more exciting!!

Please let me know if you or anyone you know has experience with this sort of accomidation, it would really help us make our minds up!!

Monday, 25 June 2007

9 things that really niggle me.. (because i cant think of 10)

In no particular order..

  1. People who don't blog in English.. ENGLISH IS THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD PEOPLE!!! however.. what annoys me more is people who dont blog in words at all.. just those stoopid little square things.. whats up with that?!?!
  2. People who walk along the bike path.. The name gives it away guys.. BIKE path.
  3. Remote controls with no batteries. How annoying to have to get out of bed every time you want to turn the channel.
  4. Arrogance. Enough said.
  5. People who dont practice what they preach, why tell someone to do something if your not willing to do it yourself.
  6. My tongue. However, it is nearly ok now.
  7. Rain. Have you noticed how the sun always shines when your inside and the rain always pours when your out?
  8. Having to pay 3 months rent up front when renting a house/flat/apartment. Why exactly am i paying 750 euros to this woman for showing me around a house which i found on the internet?
  9. Drivers who speak on there phones whilst driving, the law is there for a reason. I wouldnt mind so much if you were just risking your own life, but your risking the lives of others too.

Saturday, 23 June 2007


This is one thing that really gets on my wick.

As you well know i have been working at O'sheas for the last couple of weeks now, everything going pretty well - even if i do say so myself.

However, last night was my first all nighter there.

The evening started off a little crap really, i was feeling really tired, hungry and fed up with my piercing, matters not being helped by a rather arrogant member of staff, more about him later!

Anyway, so as the evening went on (very slowly to begin with i may just add) i started to cheer up a bit.

I love working there, i really do, but i cannot cope with being spoke down to. By anyone. It is rude, arrogant and unnecessary.

Lets call him Dave. For arguements sake.

Dave* is a guy who i work with. Same level. Same pay. Same authority.

Dave has an issue with superiority.

Well, of course, i told him this.

I personally see nothing wrong or offensive in what i said, i merely stated that i do not appreciate being spoken to the way in which he speaks to me. To which he replied (i quote) 'if i am not a bitch, you will never learn' well, this pushed me over. I cannot believe that he was consciously treating me the way he was, i at least half expected him to be oblivious to his rudeness, apologise and get on with his life. But oh no, Dave here actually knows that he is a bitch, takes pleasure from it and gets an authorities thrill from it!!

I just cant take it. I find it so hard to understand these people that make there way through life believing that they are more important than others. I can accept being given advise, or even critasism from someone who knows better than me, which of course he does, being there a longer period of time, but to purposly talk to me like something he has just stepped in, patronise me and make me feel smaller than a pint glass is really frustrating.

Anyway, he also added that he treats me no differently to any other member of staff here. I replied that my issue is not with how i think he singles me out but with the way in which he treats others around him. I then closed the case and left. I have to work with this arrogant plonker again tonight. Should be fun.

*name changed to protect person or persons involved.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Little bit of everything.. all roled into one.

  • O'Sheas is going really well. I love the pub, the people and the atmosphere. I have met so many great people, both behind and at the bar. My hours vary depending on the week. This week i have to work Friday and Saturday nights, from 9PM until 6AM!! tough ha! considering i have to be up with the children at 7.45 in the morning!!! need a bit of thought on that one please!
  • Jack got fired yesterday. Well, not exactly. Basically, everyone had an individual meeting with the manager yesterday. Jacks was going really well, starting of by congratulate him on how well he is doing. Leading to there next point of Jack not getting his promised pay rise untill September (Jack is earing a lower wage that every other person working there) Then continuing to say they are docking 40 euros from his pay packet as he forgot to put a spare rib (yes - a spare rib) in the fridge.. leading to Jack letting lose of a few 'rather rude' words and walking out. So, there you have it. House hunt on hold.
  • I got my tongue pierced yesterday, (sorry Mum..), Anyone who says it doesnt hurt is a liar. I have seriously never been in so much pain and the piercing seemed to take forever!! I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon at 1 o clock and probably wont be able to for another day or so as i cant fit anything in my mouth besides my tongue!! Anyway, less about that, im sure i will love it when the healing process is over.. if it ever is.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Did you know....

OK.. so i have completely copied this idea from Ineke but i am pretty sure she wont hunt me down and eat me for breakfast.

So.. Did you know...

  • Me and Jack went to a party in Utrecht last friday evening. It was soo good, there was about 60 people there, therefore very busy but it was nice to do something a bit different to what we usually do, plus i met a few new people which is always a bonus!!

  • My Dad thought Utrecht was the name of a nightclub.

  • I got the job at O'Sheas.. Wahoo.

  • The electric went at Inekes a couple nights ago.. only in my room and her room. Convinient seen as they were the only two rooms that electric was actually needed.

  • I found the upload disc for my MP3 player this morning.. allowing me to actually charge the bloody thing. Seriously, how much hassle has this little white cube cost me!!!

  • Me and Jack are still in the process of looking for a flat. On Monday we should have 400 euros in our savings. We need 2100. Donations welcome.

  • Mortens English is surprisingly brilliant. After our little translation session with Timo and Caroline, i think he felt rather proud of himself, boasting on the fact his English was better than theirs.

  • My Dutch lessons are going well.. simple, but well..

  • My Dutch teacher is trying to set me up on a TEFL course (i think thats right) to enable me to teach British English abroad.

  • I have had so much to blog about over the last few weeks but havent had the enthusiasm to write anything worth writing. Hence the bullet points.

And last but not least....

  • It is Inekes birthday on sunday.. she is going to be 41.. I think we are going to Hotel New York for breakfast on Sunday morning (However, i am not so sure i am still invited!!!)

Friday, 8 June 2007

OK.. so i haven't been blogging to much lately, i have got loads of exciting stuff going on in my life at the moment.. i just don't have the inspiration to write about it..

I had my job interview at O'sheas.. i have my trial tomorrow.

Me and Jack are still flat hunting.. not going to good.. we have found loads, but they are all available immediately.

We are going to a party tonight in Utrecht, should be good.

Think that's about it.. see.. i really am struggling to elaborate on my life!!

Sunday, 3 June 2007


Sorry about the lack of link list, i really have no idea how to add one to this new template.. here is Inekes blog link.

Its worth reading. She can be rather amusing.


Well, as you may well know, the time has almost come for me to leave Ineke, Robbert and the Children, rest assured i will be visiting on a regular basis (as Ineke so nicely put it 'at the end of the month when our wages have run low and the fridge is empty) Although this may well happen, i am pretty sure i will pop by more often!!

In exactly 8 weeks time me and Jack need to have at least found a flat, and possibly even move in.

However, to do this we need money, to have money we need a job. Bringing me to my title, O'Sheas. I have an interview at the Irish pub in Rotterdam on wednesday.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, 2 June 2007


OK.. So i've managed to load this cute little template thing but i cant seem to edit the stuff on the side bar.. make sense?

Any suggestions?


Please bare with me...