Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Yesterday was Monday, Today is Wet

OK, so mondays aren't my favourite day. However this one wasn't so bad, well from 3 '0' clock onwards anyway. Before 3pm was bad. To start with the computer was acting up and I had to keep reloading it to get the internet up and running. Then I watched half a film. Yes, just half because some silly numpty decided to only upload half of 'The Devil Wears Prada' onto peekvid. How annoying. Then my Mum called. Now this wasn't a bad thing of course, but it triggered a lot of emotions and I cried the whole time. Delightful.

OK, so 3 'o' clock arrives and I pick up the children from school, heave the bikes from the back to the front of the house and make our way to Judo. Now, I have to say, this went very well. The boys were so good and stuck with me the whole time. So Caroline and Time Judoed (again, is this a word?) whilst Morten played outside and very unconvincingly told me that he couldn't Judo as his back was hurting too much (kinda hard to believe whilst he's hanging upside down from a monkey bar). However, I didn't want to be responsible for any broken bones so we cycled straight home, had an early dinner and headed over to the office for a spot of spring cleaning. And that was my Monday. Really not so bad afterall. Still i am pleased Monday only comes once a week.

So today is Tuesday. Oh how I hate the rain. Today I cycled in Rotterdam to meet Jack from the Metro, what a lovely surprise. I then headed over to the Library to buy my Rotterdam pas. I was number 55 from the ticket machine. They were on 23. I waited for just under an hour in a room full of Dutch people. So when it gets to number 53 I start to get a little excited, close my book and stand up. Oh no, lets not be hasty. The little number machine skips from 53 to 56!! whats up with that!! So I had to wait an extra 15 minutes!! was not ammused to say the least. So I get to the front desk to be faced by a rather large librarian telling me that I was jumping the queue!! well, I soon put her straight.

And that was my day so far.

Off to collect the kids from school, head to swimming and return home for a rather cosy night in.

Tot Ziens!

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Fancy a bite of a Bird?

I have just eaten Ostrich. Yes. It was very nice, Thank you.

Feeling a little fragile AKA Hungover

Sorry Mum.

Me and Jack have had a few little fall outs recently so sat down for a talk last night. Enough said on that subject. However this talk led to the very mature decision to go out and get very very drunk.

Now, I haven't had a proper drinking sesh since October when I got ridiculously drunk and threw up my insides all over the bus. Last night wasn't quite that bad. To be honest, I think it was just what we needed, to spend some proper time together just having fun. We started off at the American Dream bar, opening our evening with a (very over-expensive) smirnoff ice and a few beers, not to mention the amzingly generous portion of nachos. After this we of course headed to Coconuts, an ideal place for us to get sloshed, considering we drink for free. After drinking numerous amounts of shots, coctails and spirits we decided to take to the Ice. Yes. Once placing a pair of Ice Skates on your feet you begin to realise how much alcohol you have actually consumed. Anyway, after about 10 minutes on the ice, a fantastic tumble, fall and slide from Jack and the return of our shoes we headed back into Coconuts.

When we first arrived at Coconuts we sat next to a Northern Irish couple at the bar, turns out the lady (didn't catch her name) was a nanny in London and her husband designed film sets!! How cool is that!! Well, this couple became good friends of ours over the course of the evening, of course, never to see them again.

So that brings me to the title of this post. I am feeling incredibly fragile and in desperate need of an English breakfast. Which i am infact going to find now.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Schools' out!!

School's out this week.. leaving me with three over-excitable children. Now, please don't see this as a bad thing!! I'm having a whale of a time!!

Just to overview the first couple of days..

To celebrate the first day of the holidays I took the kids skating (ice, not roller). Now the boys really love this and Caroline is convinced she's a pro skater (although she is still in Kiddie skates and struggles a little with those). Of course, ice skating wouldn't be the same without a fairly over-sized portion of porffetjes and a nice warm drink (which happened to end up all over the floor..)

However, Minus the hot chocomel disaster in Coconuts, Carolines tantrum whilst playing pairs and Morten and Timo's slip, tumble and fall at the bus stop, Monday was a very good day.

What a strange day this was. At about 10.30 Toos (Robberts Mother) arrived (very unexpectedly) to take the kids out. Now, although this was unexpected it certainly wasn't unwelcome, it was nice to have a bit of a break, even if it was only a short one!!

My day off.. spent lazing around Jack's house.

Today was my favourite day of the week!!

Although I had a houseful of children, today was surprisingly unstressful (is that even a word?!) I got a bunch of ironing done this morning whilst the boys where on the computer (when I say a bunch I mean 3 shirts and 2 tee-shirts, do you know how long it takes to iron one of those!!) the kids then had great fun in the garden with the children from next door whilst I made (amazingly delicious) egg mayonnaise sandwiches.

After lunch I sorted through the ingredients to make a chocolate cake with the girls. This was SO messy but SO much fun!! and it turned out great!! (even if i do say so myself!!)

We then had a relaxing half hour or so, boys in the garden, girls upstairs, me doing laundry and having a little read. This followed by some much loved Television by the children and some vigorous potato peeling. And before I know it, Ineke was home.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

I've remembered!!

OK, I have remembered what the second part of my three posts were!!

It's the kids school holidays next week, and I have been collecting toilet rolls, well the cardboard bit at the end. So far I think I have about 18!! Any suggestions on what I could do with them (craft wise) would be more than welcome, (obviously i mean with the children, not just for my own personal fun.)

That's all for now!!

Tot Ziens!

Friday, 16 February 2007

Pick up a Puzzle!

Last night Ineke and Robbert went out for a Valentines meal so I had the children. Well, they were as good as gold, I fed and watered them, plonked them in the tub, read them a story and off they went to bed leaving the rest of the evening for me to relax. Grabbing the remainders of the Kinder Bueno from the fridge (yes, diet is cancelled..) i ran back up the stairs to the computer. Spent an hour or so there until Jamie got home at about 9ish.

Now, you see, I was so tired but wasn't in the mood to go to sleep, so, Jamie, being Jamie, came up with the fantastic idea that we do a puzzle! So that's what we did. for 2 whole hours. And no, we still haven't completed it so I am off to finish it now.

I will try and post a picci later!! Its a whopper!! 500 pieces!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

OK.. so I have a bad memory..

Right, well I have completely forgotten what the other two posts were that I was going to post. Hate it when that happens.

The 1st of 3 Posts - Valentines Day

I have 3 different things to write about today but am going to do this in 3 different posts as they are completely irrelevant to each other!

So the first - Valentines Day.

Well, yesterday morning i woke at about 8.30, my body has got in to this ridiculous pattern of getting up at this time, of course, this highly annoying Jack. I didn't quite get my breakfast in bed as i was up and about before Jack had even opened his eyes, but he did make me a very lovely English breakfast along with croissents and Orange Juice. Just before breakfast we did presents, Jack got me this very lovely bracelet with 'always loving you' written on it and a silver necklace with a fairy pendant on the end (like Tinkerbell!!) and i got him a Valentines game (which sucked may i just add.. as if 'my partner and I are going to re-inact a scene from the Titanic..') and some candy from Jammin.

Then it was time for the pictures!! So we headed into town (showing Jack the 'oh my goodness these boots are the nicest i have ever seen' boots, him offering to pay half as he also agreed that they are 'the nicest boots of the planet') arrived at the bioscoop and bought our tickets. Now you will not believe this. You'll never guess who was behind us in the queue.. it was only de lamas!! OK so none of you really have a clue who they are. Basically there is a Dutch show called de Lamas and Jack absolutely loves it, and the guys who present it were all in the cinema!! Not only that.. but they went to see the same film as us, 'The Prestige' (this is a film you must watch Wendz.. very good.)

Went home, got change and met Jack back at Zin for a really fantastic meal.

Although it got off the a pretty rocky start, Valentines Day turned out to be amazing. And.. JACK BOUGHT ME A ROSE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

About to burst with excitment

Tomorrow is Valentines Day!! Now, this can either be fantastic, or, in some cases, highly depressing. Well to all you depressives out there, I truly am sorry. However i am not one of you!! My excitement is too immense to handle!!

Tomorrow will be the first full day off that me and Jack have together in ages!!

Tonight i will be staying at Jacks house, having a lazy morning (hopefully this will include breakfast in bed.. maybe a little optimistic..) a gentle stroll around the town, a trip to the Pictures and a beautiful meal at Zin.

Will update you on Thursday!!!

How bearable are your Mondays?

I don't know if your the same, but I always find Mondays hard work. Wherever I am. Whatever I'm doing. They suck.

Anyway. Mondays are my busiest day here in the au pairing world. Which is kinda good as it means I know the rest of the week will be a walk in the park (haha..) however, it makes them just that tad more unbearable.

So today,

  • I got up with the children to sort there lunches. Bearable.
  • Did a spot of the old ironing. Almost bearable.
  • Went shopping with Jamie. OK so this part was fun.
  • Picked the kids up from school. All is good so far..
  • Tried to get the bikes out of the back shed and through to the front. Unbearable.
  • Cycled to Judo. This went OK.
  • Sat for an hour and a half whilst the kids Judode (is that a word?!). Relaxing.
  • Cycled home. Hard in the wind.
  • Ate dinner. Very Bearable.
  • Cleaned the office. Scary..
  • Read a book (well, not a whole one) and went to sleep. Beautiful.

So that was my Monday. All in all it wasn't so bad.

Monday, 12 February 2007

My Weekend

Day One of my Weekend (well, that's if you include Friday as part of the weekend, which in fact i do, therefore making the week almost the same length as the weekend.)

This morning Ineke had to leave for work at stoopid '0' clock so I had to take care of the kids breakfast and trip to school. Breakfast was actually surprisingly fun. We made our own little band. Timo on Guitar, Morten on Drums, Caroline on Vocals, and me, well I was band manager of course!! So that was breakfast (well, of course we ate some delicious (lets take advantage cos mum's not here) naughty foods) and then headed off to school.. well half way anyway before Morten and Timo very rightly point out to me that we have in fact forgotten Rucksacks. So after the mad rush back to the house we head back to the school for a quick story with Timo (yes in Dutch, so really we just flicked through the pictures) a made rush to get Caroline changed for Gym class and a short walk back to the house.

Jack then came over for lunch, a sausage roll to be precise, and went off to work whilst I did the washing etc.

After picking the kids up from school Morten, Caroline and I went off to the park (Timo stayed home as he didn't want to go out in the cold, Robbert was also home may I just add.. didn't just leave the poor kid by himself..) So Morten lead the way.. very successfully to a park that wasn't open, so we ran back towards the house and got the bus into town. Now, I have to tell you that we went to a really fantastic park!! They had swings and slides (like any other basic place) but on top of that they had rope swings and tires and footballs and sand pits and round abouts and loads of other stuff that I cant explain!! Was soo much fun!!

Jack then finished work extra early so I went off into town about 7.30ish, met Jack for a drink and came back to mine to watch a film and go to sleep.. We watched 'The Hours' A very intriguing film. But worth watching.

Day Two (this being Saturday)

Me and Jack had a lazy morning, just watching T.V and stuff, until Jamie (Ineke and Robberts previous aupair) turned up!! To cut a long story short, Jamie was working at an Art Gallery in Rotterdam but could no longer stay with the people she was staying with.. lets just say the 63 year old man took a slight liking to her.

Jack and I then went into town for a spot of shopping, he went to work, I went back to Inekes for food, watched a bit of Tele with Jamie and went back out to Coconuts. I tried to explain to Jack that the last bus back to Ridderkerk on a Saturday is at 11.10, but Jack, being a man, insisted I was wrong and it was as late as 12.15. So. We stayed at Coconuts for a few drinks once he had finished work (the reason for this being, Marcel is dating a girl off of Dutch Television, she was coming to Coconuts that night and Jack wanted to meet his first 'famous person' - which may I just add didn't happen as she was ridiculously late. To be honest, if this 'famous person' was Johnny Depp or something I could completely understand, but as it happens it was some Dutch girl who appears in a soap every now and again..) Anyway, as I knew we would, we missed the last bus home, having to catch a different bus and walking for half an hour, in the rain, at one '0' clock in the morning. As you can imagine. I was. not. happy.

Day Three (Yes, Sunday, thats right..)

This morning we just lazed around, got ready about midday and went off to Kim's house (Jacks sister) with his Ma and Auntie, ate tomato soup (with red peppers - random) went back to Jacks, played a few rounds of cards, watched 'Over the Hedge' and I got the bus back to Beukelsdijk.

Over all I had a very lovely weekend.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Photo's From the Skating

Here are some photo's from our little Ice Skating trip. I haven't posted any photos since being back in Holland as i have a serious lack of camera!! (these are kindly on loan to me from Ineke!)

Off to a rocky start!!

Action shot!!

Morten going a little wobbly..
Time to go home..

Thursday, 8 February 2007

What a loveerly day

OK, so as you already know we had snow today!!

So here's what i did.

I woke up bright an early to see to the children's lunches etc. I then smiled happily to myself for quite sometime at the sight of the snow outside (also at all the little kids slipping over, but felt a little harsh..) Put some music on and had a little sing song whilst checking my mail.

Next i went upstairs (whilst continuing my sing song) to do a little drawing, today was 'the little mermaid', took a shower, got a little over-excited about our ice skating trip and went to collect the kids from school.

You see, Morten was suppose to have Chess Club after school, but because of my excitement about ice skating i let slip the little porky he told me about it being cancelled. We then headed into town, had a few snow ball fights and went skating!! The kids loved it!! After some serious skating and snowballing we sat down for a chocomel and porffetjes in Coconuts before returning to the ice rink!!

Ineke and Robbert then made a surprise appearance and took us out for dinner!! Lekker hoor!! We went to one of the beer restaurants (Betty Beer to be precise) ate a huge amount of honey coated spare ribs and came home.

What a loveerly day.


Food for thought..
Breakfast - a small bowl of Cocopops.
Lunch - Hagelslag sandwich.
And dinner.. yes dinner.. was honey coated spare ribs!!
Didn't snack at all, see im doing quite well on that aspect of things!!
Drinks - Glass of milk with lunch and a Coke with Dinner

Ok.. so today was a little unhealthy..


I just have to stress my disbelief..

There i was inocently browsing the internet when i came across this song.

I remember seeing them on 'The Sharon Osborne Show' a while back but seriously didn't think they would ever have a video!!

Thought i would share it with you, i really don't need to say much more other than they are named 'Fanny Pack' and the song is called 'Cameltoe'

Now Playing: Fannypack - Cameltoe
Brought you by: Music Codes

What were they thinking?!

Just to make you Devon Dumplings jealous..

There is thick snow here!! By the end of the day the snow should be about 10cm thick on the ground.. i think that is right anyway, I possibly misheard Ineke..

Anyway, so to celebrate i am taking the children to the Stadhuis ice rink!! They have never been Skating before so should be an experience!!

I'll let you know how it goes tonight.

You really have no idea how cool this is.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Feeling a bit sad and tearful..

For no apparent reason I have felt like I could burst into tears at any moment!!

I'm sure Ineke and Robbert must think i am a right wierdo!! After we had finished dinner i just didn't feel i could hold my tears anymore and literally grabbed my coat and ran into town!! To be honest it was incredibly rude of me i just felt far to embarrased to sit there and cry!! (especially as the whole family were over!) Anyway my theory was that if i went to visit Jack then i would feel a little better.. well this didn't work! just cried the whole time!! Jack was sure that there must be something wrong that i just wasn't telling him but seriously there really wasn't!! I just can't put my finger on what triggered it, i love my job, i don't feel home sick (i mean i do miss my friends and family but it wasn't particulaly bothering me today) and i just saw Jack this morning so i really have no clue!!

Anyway am feeling much better now and i am sure i will have made a full recovery by morning!!

P.s. this is a little like the other night, Jack called whilst i was sleeping, i missed his call and sat there and full-on balled my eyes out for about half an hour!! I am sure it must all be down to tiredness..


My food diary..
Didn't take breakfast - was in too much of a hurry.
Lunch - Cheese, ham and pinapple tosti from Coconuts.
Dinner - A bean curry with meat and rice (lekker hoor!!)
NO SNACKS!! Very proud of that one..
Drinks - Chocomel with Lunch, Squash with dinner, a glass of water and half a (small) glass of Coke.

To be fair i think i did quite well today.

Tot Ziens!!

My amazing new plan..

Well, I have come to the conclusion that a food diary is the way forward.

You see, I don't want to loose wait for anybody other than myself, I am just fed up with the 'I look like crap' days. Therefore I thought if I know that at the end of each day I have to share with the world via my blog what I have consumed then I would try my best to eat a little better.. That's the theory anyway!!

So this evening I shall log back on and inform you of the munchies I have had today! I know this isn't highly exciting for you lot reading but I'm doing it for my benefit. Not yours. Mwhahaha.

We had illegals next door!!

Basically, I looked out the window yesterday morning to see a woman laying on the ground outside next doors house. One would naturally presume she had either fallen, tripped or fainted. Until two police vans, an ambulance and a couple of fire engines turn up that is.

So I then come to the conclusion that maybe there was a fire in the house next door, therefor the woman having to jump out of her window. But I was also wrong on this.

Well, word of mouth tells me this is what happened..

This unfortunate woman jumped out of a top floor window along with four others after hearing a knock at the door and seeing two police vans outside. So this brings me to believe that infact they were all illegal immigants trying to escape the police force, this particular woman being a little unsuccessful and breaking her leg.

Never a dull moment.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Monday, Monday..

I had a really lovely day today, (forgetting about my walk to Judo that is.. but thats another story.) Once the kids went off to school Íi got a bunch of Robberts shirts ironed and did a load of washing, thought I would get that out of the way. I then called Jack, insisting that the only way i would let him skip college would be to come meet me for lunch. So thats what he did. I got the bus into town (was feeling a little lazy today) and met Jack, went to the post office, ate a loempia and got the bus home. Now we had a very scrumptious lunch, in my roll i had cheese, salami and roast chicken crisps!! was sooo good!! We then played connect four (may i just add, i thrashed him in every round) followed by a few rounds of Ludo!! We then peeled some potato's, Jack left and i went to get the kids from school.

Now, this brings us to Judo. If you remember I broke the back wheel of my bike, meaning we had to walk to Judo instead of cycle. Now this didn't go down to well with the children. Caroline literally screamed the whole way (and yes we did have to walk through three large groups of Dutch teenagers, most of them finding it rather amusing) anyway it actually took us 40 minutes in total to get there, once we were there Caroline was too tired to Judo so just sat with me whilst Timo had his class and then we went out to play whilst Morten took his.

Needless to say the walk home took half the time.

I then went over to Inekes office to dust, hoover and mop, got back to the house about 9ish and slept. Like a baby.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Who said Sundays aren't stressful?

OK, so my day started with a very unwelcomed alarm at 7.30. Bus. Metro. Bus. Picked up the kids and off to Blijdorp!! Now, i thought a trip to the Zoo would be an easy(ish) day. How wrong was I!! i think it was definatly 'lets see how far we can push our luck with Rachel' day.

Anyway so that was basically the day time, not really much to say about that!! To be honest it did turn out to be a pretty good afternoon, definatly got better as the day went on!!

Then at about 4pm we hurried home for my quick switch with Robbert to replace him at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Once I had met Ineke outside amongst the crowds of people we worked our way in to see my first film of the evening (Inekes 4th!!). Perculiar. The only word for it. Anyway, we then waited some rediculous amount of time to be seated in Pizza Hut, literally shovelled down a pizza and went to the next film! now this one was good, it was a documentary about an 80 year old gentleman who lived on the streets of New York, using his days to produce art and his nights to find shelter. The film showed the journey he made to find warmth and accomidation, ending with a reunion between him and his family. All in all i had a very lovely eveing.

Tot Morgen!

My encounter with Kim!!

Well, as you may know Kim is my best Dutch friend.. here's the catch. I'd never met her until Saturday. We met on the Internet (yes, think what you like..) She lives near Eindhoven and traveled the one hour and fifty minutes to Rotterdam to see me. So we started off the day travelling from Centraal Station to Stadhuis by Metro (yes this is very significant as she has never been on one before (25 years she has been Dutch!!)) Well we went to Dudok for lunch (and yes I did have the overly-lushus Brie, Apple and Honey Ciabbata), had great fun analysing peoples' outrages dress sense, i know it is good to be unique but some people are just ridiculous and I struggle to understand how they can look in the mirror and think 'Wow! I look fantastic in this overly-hideous skirt, bright pink tights, green strippy top, elbow gloves and trainers!! Not to mention this fantastic belt i have on with spikes all around it!!'

We then went for a mooch around the shops, Kim continually amazed that they have Bodyguards, and that actually, Rotterdam is not as bad as it is said to be. We both did considerably well to control our spendings (to be fair, this wasn't so hard for me as i had a serious lack of money to start with and do not own a credit card.)

Once the shops began to close we made our way to Coconuts for a few drinks, subjecting Kim to Marcel the womanizer (there are better words i could use for him but my Mother may be reading) lets just say he has had more than his fair share.. anyway he took quite a liking to Kim, rather her than me!!

Anyway this bought an end to our day, so we walked to back to Centraal Station, coming across a large number of incredibly perculiar people along the way, and waved goodbye to Kim.

All in all i had a really lovely day and i think she did too?! However i think the best part of this was talking to Kim this morning and finding out that when she returned to Eindhoven the window had fallen out of her car so she had to drive the 40 minutes home with no window!! Amused me greatly.

Friday, 2 February 2007

I was doing so well..

Well, you see, i've been trying to cut out on snacking and drinking as much water as possible. For example, my last alcoholic beverage was at least three weeks ago, and even then it was just one and a complete one off. Also i was drinking copious amounts of milk, possible 5ish glasses a day.. until i found out milk has roughly 500 calories per pint!! Shocking, i know.

Anyway, i had been doing so well, practically all ive been drinking is water (and the odd hot chocomel - how could i resist?!) So basically i got into the habit of eating breakfast with Ineke and the children (accompanied by a glass of water may i just add.) Having something small for lunch and then eating dinner in the evening (ok, so i have been eating a dessert if there is one, but surely that is just included in dinner!!)

Right, so even if i do say so myself i have been doing pretty well (considering i havent been smoking during the week at all and most people replace cigerettes with food). So was doing good until yesterday, when i arrived at coconuts and gobbled a whole plate of Poffertjes (my reasoning for this was that i walked all the way there and all the way back, so of course this was allowed.) and then today i have just had the biggest craving for chocolate ever!! so i walked over the road to the shop. Bought a big bar of Dairy Milk. And sat and ate the lot. Tasted blimin good though!!! (not to mention the 2 glasses of milk..)


Thursday, 1 February 2007

My first 'thrown in at the deep end' day

OK, so i had the kids alone for the first time.

I got up this morning (was a horrendous struggle but i got there) with a banging headache, set the table for breakfast, made the kids lunches and off they went to school.

The plan originally was to go straight back upstairs, cower into my PJ's and fall right back to sleep. Didn't quite work this way. I was far to awake by the time the kids where at school, so i went back upstairs, put on my face and freshened up a bit.

I then checked my emails, called Jack, debated the walk into town to meet him, gave in and off i went. Well, i think i surprised myself!! i actually really enjoyed the walk!! felt rather healthy afterwards (until i arrived at Coconuts and devoured a rather large portion of poffertjes) bought some shampoo and walked back.

Now, i seemed to have a distinct lack of socks this morning, therefore having to go bare-footed in my trainers. Now, anyone who can honestly say that there feet don't absolutely honk after taking off trainers from bare feet are telling porkies. So i jumped in the shower, shaved my legs (believe me - i was starting to look a little ape like) and re-dressed.

When i picked the kids up from school today i met Austin, Ineke and Robberts previous aupair who introduced me to a few others at the school. I then had a bit of an issue with Morten and Timo both wanting to visit friends, trying to find the parents of the friends and sending them off (well Morten anyway. Timo was less successful in finding his companion.) After getting back to the house we watched a little Tele, did a little drawing a played a few games. And that was the end of that.

Tot Morgen!

What exactly is it?

OK, I have felt the incredible need to write this post as over the last 2 days, yes just 2, I have come across a couple of people who are pretty obviously neither man nor woman.

First off..

I mentioned in my previous post the kids swimming teacher. OK so some of you may see this as a pretty harsh post to write, but frankly I don't care. I just don't understand why anyone would want to be one of those people that are looked at alongside the question "What exactly is it?" I mean come on, if your a swimming teacher, do you really have to be cruel enough to put the children through the embarrassment of saying Sir instead of Miss?? Ineke and I spent much time at the swimming pool deliberating over the person in question, no boobs.. no bum.. no erm.. bulge. So how exactly are we suppose to know? Well it looks like a man, it sounds like a man.. but oh no.. its a woman!! Whats that all about?!

OK, Secondly..

Tracy Chapman. Now you may think the name is a bit of a give away but I beg to differ. Now, have you ever listened to the song 'Fast Cars' if you have, then listen to it again, picturing a man singing it. Now listen to it a second time, picturing a woman. Come on, which is more believable?! Surely you can see how easy it is to mistake her for a man?? She doesn't even look like a woman!! (well to be fair I have only seen one picture of her, maybe it was taken in the wrong light or something).

Well basically my point is.. you don't have to have big boob, or a nice butt to look like a woman!! But please, please make yourself at least distinguishable to save Ineke and I the hassle of trying to work you out!!