Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Meet the family.. Again

OK. So just when Jack thought he got the whole 'meet the family' thing over and done with i go and gain another one!!

So Jack came over last night to meet Ineke and Co. I think i am going to have to watch Caroline with him.. she's such an incredible flirt!! Ineke insists that she didn't get that from her but i'm not so sure..

Now i'm not the jealous type, but you have no idea how frustrating it is when your boyfriend understands the children that you are looking after better than you!! I did try to control my frustration and personally believe i did pretty well.

Anyway so we ate dinner, i got changed and Jack and I left for the centre. Very. Unsuccessfully. We took the bike. Bent the wheel. And had to walk. Even more frustrating than the whole 'Jack understanding the kids' thing. So once we finally got into town we went to coconuts for a few drinks and headed back home for Jacks first night in the Beuklesdijk home.

We got home. Put on 'Notting Hill'. I fell asleep after approximatly 6 and half minutes and that was the end of day 2 in Beuklesdijk.

oh.. P.s. I forgot to mention swimming. And the He/She teacher. After much deliberation, Ineke and I gave up on guessing what 'it' actually was and just had to ask Caroline.

Monday, 29 January 2007


Just to update you that my latest 'goal to achieve' is 5 new Dutch words per day.

I'll let you know how that goes.

My first day!!

Well.. what can i say!! Alles goed - just extremely tired!! So i arrived at Ineke and Robberts house yesterday (of course i have met them and the children several times before) so that wasn't too scary!!

I guess the best way of explaining my jam-packed two days is to talk you step by step on what we've done!! (i think possibly more than i have done in the last 4 months of being here!!)

Right. So i arrived yesterday at about 2.15, took my case up to my room and had a quick stop for a drink. Then Ineke makes an announcement that today is the day I will try out the bike buggy!! (yes - would make an interesting picture, unfortunately I don't have one) for those of you that don't know what one of these is, basically it's a bike with a little tent attached to the back for Caroline to sit in!! So once we get all the bikes (and the buggy) to the front of the house, the first step is to mount the humongous thing in front of me!! (also would make a good picture..) OK so were off.. after about 15 minutes of cycling we arrive at this little cafe where we stop for a drink and Bitterballen (well i had a spring role as i personally think Bitterballen is the most physically repulsive thing on this planet.) Anyway so we then come home, unpack have some food and sleep. Well, try to sleep. I took what seemed like forever to fall asleep, i think this was for a few reasons, the main being it was only 10.30 and i very rarely have lights out before 1, and, of course, there was a serious lack of Jack.

THEN. Just incase it didn't take me long enough to fall to sleep in the first place, I am woken up by this stoopid alarm clock that Abigail left in the room - AT FOUR-THIRTY AM.

OK, so today. Well I woke up at some ridiculous hour to be down stairs by 7.45am. we got the kids off to school and me and Ineke went for a walk around Beuklesdijk so I would get to know my way around, we then plodded (that ones for you Wendz!!) back to Inekes, where her and her sister made the most delicious Tiramusu EVER!! and then took to the road (well bike lane) into town. Now this trip was suppose to consist of a trip to the City Hall for my home registration and a search for a new Au Pair cellphone. Well, lets be honest, you can't go into Rotterdam without making a stop for a slice of the best Apple pie around!! (this also didn't happen as the waitress told us the seats we were sitting in were purposefully for those who were eating lunch - not just apple pie, therefore, of course we had to have food!! which turns out to be fantastic may i just add!! i had a brie, apple and honey ciabatta and then no room for pie!!) anyway so then we went to the City Hall, luckily there was no queue.. I am now an official resident of the Netherlands!! Had no time for shopping before we headed back home to pick up the kids, where we then had to go on a 20 minute bike ride to judo, wait an hour and half for them to finish, cycle back, prepare dinner, eat and sleep!!

So. That was my first day. All in all, i'd say it went pretty well!!

Tot Morgen!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Rachel - AKA Queen of Surprises

Mission Complete!!

Some of you may know that although in my previous posts i clearly stated that i was unable to book my flight due to financial reasons. I lied. Well not technically. It was only a white lie, as it was sort of true.. (however, as my Mum would say, 'Rachel, a half truth is a whole lie.) I just couldn't inform you of when i did in fact book my flight as then Jack would know, and i therefore would know longer be Rachel - AKA Queen of Surprises.

So there you have it. I flew back to Holland yesterday at 15.40. Arrived into Schipol at 18.00 to be met by Robbert and taken to His and Inekes' house in Rotterdam.

I then had a quick Superwoman change and made my way to Coconuts to surprise my completely oblivious boyfriend. Perfect!! All went to plan.

As i said before. Mission Complete.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

My 'Inner European' might be Dutch but i'm proud to be British!!

Here are a few reasons foreigners may think were a little strange.. however i firmly believe you should be proud of your Country!!

  • Only in Britain... can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.
  • Only in Britain... do supermarkets make sick people walk all the way tothe back of the shop to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.
  • Only in Britain... do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a DIET coke.
  • Only in Britain... do banks leave both doors open and chain the pens tothe counters.
  • Only in Britain... do we leave cars worth thousands of pounds on the drive and lock our junk and cheap lawn mower in the garage.
  • Only in Britain... do we use answering machines to screen calls and thenhave call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want totalk to in the first place.
  • Only in Britain... are there disabled parking places in front of a skating rink

What is your Inner European?

OK. So this is wierd. I clicked on this site with all different mini questionair thingys, this one being, What is your inner European?

Ok, bare in mind.. i didnt actually fill in the questionnair!! but when i clicked on the question the answer automatically popped up!! How spooky!! Look what the answer was!!

Your Inner European is Dutch!
Open minded and tolerant.
You're up for just about anything.

What's a labaret?


Here's a clue..

It's something you can get pierced.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking penis. Could be wrong though.

Let's Bake!

Katy came over today. We thought it would be fun to bake a cake.. Here's what happened. I think the pictures say it all!!

Katy - the little housewife during our first attempt at making a cake.. (look below to see the results!!)

As you can see it didn't go quite as planned!! this is only egg yoke, milk and melted butter.. only we forgot to let the butter cool down before adding it to the mixture.. therefore it cooked the egg.

OK. So the second attempt was a little more successful!!

Believe me.. you wouldn't have wanted to clean up this kitchen once we were done!!

So we popped it in the oven and here's how we did!!

OK.. So i got a little peckish!!

Well.. you see.. we didn't have a cake shaped baker thingy so we decided to make a brick instead!!

Don't be silly!! This was the picture on the box!!

This was ours!! Isn't it beautiful!! I tell ya.. tasted blimin' good!!

Saturday, 20 January 2007


So. Today i was babysitting. You know, this can actually be so much fun!!

So we started off by having some lunch (well, Leila did anyway. personally i wasn't prepared to eat 3 slices of ham and a chopped up cucumber.)

Then we proceeded to take a trek into town. Of course stopping of at the park for an incredibly long 'swing' before going 'Forward and Beyond' into the center. May i just add by this time it is about 1.45 and Leila normally takes her nap about 1ish.

So i take Leila out of her pram and we have a little walk together (all the old ladies cooing as she walks past them). So it starts to rain a little, me, being me have this fabulous idea to stop for coffee. And a biscuit. Well. I tell you. This has to be the most expensive coffee i have ever drunk in all my life!! £5.10 for a coffee and a few biscuits. That's 7 euros and 77 cent!! could of bought a whole tub of coffee and 3 packets of biscuits for that!!

Anyway! we then went to Austins toy store where Leila was overly fascinated with the train set, therefor spending the next 25 minutes there before returning home for a nap!!

So, apart from the highly over-priced coffee and the utterly annoying train set i had a rather fantastic day!!

Take a look at her!! i mean - who couldn't enjoy her company!! (OK - this photo is a little physically repulsive of me but just couldn't work out how to chop of my face!! she looks so cute!! i had to post it!)

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Girl's night in..

Sophie - all excited about winning.. if only she knew..

Trivial Pursuit!! It's the way forward!!

Me.. a not-so-Sexy Sadie!! Trying to guess the Actor during the Scene It game!!

The game that bought us many laughs!!

Sophie - realising, she is in fact a loser.

Now.. I haven't been to a sleep-over in i don't know how long!!

It was so much fun!! Although it was just the two of us it was so good to have a proper catch up and gossip (now that's something i have been unable to do for a long time!!)

We played games, we ate popcorn, we sang, we danced, we watched films, we did everything!!

I don't think i have laughed so much in a very long time!! Although It took me a while to realise there are in fact only six sides to a dice, therefore when i threw a six, it was in fact a six and not a nine; That Catherin Zita Jones is married to Micheal Douglas and not Paul McCartney and the Beatles song Jude Law has tattooed on his arm is 'Sexy Sadie'. Not, 'Always look on the bright side of life' (is that even a Beatles song?!).

Apart from that. All was good!!

After our board game marathon and eating spree we took ourselves to bed and chatted until ridiculous-o-clock and went to sleep..

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Just to let you know..

..I never did hear from the police about Saturday night.

Point proven.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The Lake House

I have just watched, the most mind boggling but at the same time amazingly well thought out, fantastic film!!

I don't know if any of you have seen it, but if not you really must!! Just a word of warning to the easily confused.. get your intellectual cap on first!!

Basically the film is set in two different time zones, 2004 (the time zone of the male character, played by Keanu Reeves) and 2006 (the time zone of the female character, played by Sandra Bullock) So these two characters meet through a letter in a home mail box. They begin to discover that they are not living throughout the same time period. They fall in love and without saying too much encase you decide to watch the film.. they try to think up ways in which they can meet.

Brilliant! You really do have to see this film. It has so many twists and turns and leaves you puzzled the whole way through!!


Well, there are a couple of things that have happened over the last couple of days that i need to update you on!!

Firstly. Jack killed the bird.

Let me explain.. OK, Monique bought a bird at the weekend. A lovely little thing called YoYo. So all is hunky dory, until Jack gets home from college that is. So Jack very innocently gets the bird out of its cage, all is well.. for a few minutes anyway, when the bird starts hyperventilating, has a spasm and dies!! In Jacks hand!! Personally i found this all rather amusing. Sorry to all you bird lovers out there.

And Secondly. The Taxi man stole my flight.

Again, let me explain.. Basically, Giverney was kind enough to lend me £10 to pay for the remainder of my flight back to Holland (yes, i didn't even have a tenner) anyway so she gives me a £20 note for the taxi back home so i could keep the change for my plane ticket. OK. So I get in the taxi. Chat away to the driver (like you do) and we pull up to my house.

"That'll be £7.40 then please love"

So i hand him the £20 note. He's scrambling around in his pocket for the extra 60p so i say..

"oh just give me a couple of quid back, that'll be fine"

And that's that.

Its not until the next morning that i realise he literally did give me a couple of quid back!! Obviously I meant Plus the £10 note!!

So again, i am back to square one of having no money and no flight home.

So i call the taxi firm and explain what has happened. The bloke on the other end of the line tells me he will talk to 'Richard' and told me to call back the next day.

So i do. However this guy isnt there so I talk to another man who says he will get 'Chris' to call me.

It is now Tuesday. I have had no call from 'Chris' so i call them back. This time i'm lucky enough to speak to Chris, he explains that 'Richard' was only given one £20 note that night and cannot account for where it came from, so therefore i cannot have my change. What he fails to understand is that one £20 note was mine!!

So basically I paid £20 for a £7 taxi journey. And still no flight.

Really not a fan of pink!!

Now. I'm really not a fan of pink. Infact. I'm quite anti it. But actually quite like it against this background!!

Just thought i should clear that up.

Doei! doei!

My thought process..

OK, so I've been doing a lot of thinking recently. A few posts ago i wrote about not making new years resolutions but setting myself goals to achieve, as i think this is more do-able than giving up stuff i enjoy. Well i would like to update that and add..

  • I want to learn more about the world and people around me, to appreciate the things i do have and stop dwelling on the things i don't.
There are so many of us that are wrapped up in our own worlds to actually look outside the window and realise what is happening beyond our four walls. I am the first to admit that!! We all have our own situations and confusions going on in our own lives, therefore why weigh ourselves down with extras!! Well, look at it this way. It may actually make you realise how kushti you have it.

I personally think Eastenders is great way of learning this lesson!! Don't get me wrong, i hate the programme, but look at it this way. You've had the worst day at work, you've got home and the dog has chewed on half the sofa, your boyfriends just dumped you and you think your life is over. You switch on the TV, watch an episode of Eastenders and realise, actually, my life is perfect after all.

I just want people to take a step back and look at there lives from an outsiders point of view. For example a working class family with not all that much money and 3 children, may spend the majority of there time worrying about the cost of living and the things that they don't have, but an outsider looking in, would see them as blessed to have 3 beautiful children.

I want people to appreciate the things in life they do have but take for granted and give up wishing they had more. I am not trying to say i am perfect, I am just like everyone else. I am the first to admit that i take for granted the things and people around me and don't realise how lucky i am to have such special people who love and care for me. Material things are not what is important. Money cannot buy happiness, just labels.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Sorry? Superheros? Pah!

Word of advice to all you physically or verbally violent people out there.. head to Newton Abbot.

Let me explain..

Me and Giverney were walking along the long road connecting Newton Abbot town centre and Rafters, minding our own business, a young woman passes us really quite distraught, crying. Followed by an outraged bloke shouting his mouth off (who quite happily yelled abuse at me and Giverney as we passed) Anyway, us being the good citizens that we are felt it would be wrong to leave this poor woman alone with this lunatic. So we walked back towards them in an attempt to rescue the Damsel in Distress. So obviously as we turned around to talk to her we got an earful from this delightful man (who very wrongly stated to me.. my manners are better than yours ever will be.. bit of a peculiar comment to make don't you think when you are in the middle of verbally abusing your girlfriend?) Anyway as this was going on, this woman getting more and more distressed a bloke who passed a while before called the police. So. This is where the so called 'superheros' are supposed to come in and save the day. Well. Lets rewind a bit. The police have driven passed!! Oh yes.. with there special blue lights flashing.. but of course.. no physical violence taken place as yet so why should they stop? Lets not be ridiculous and prevent something that could happen happening, lets just wait until there is something physical to stop. So the police turn around at the round about. Me and Giverney go and talk to them, but oh no, don't be silly!! they don't want statements!! they want our phone numbers and then drive off without another word. So I'm expecting to get a call from the police today. By which time it will be too late to help this poor woman as nobody knows either of there names or phone numbers (not particularly something i tend to ask someone likely to beat me to the ground.)

So yes. That was my story of my eventful evening last night. And just to prove how terribly the police handle situations of violence. You know the saying.. sticks and stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me. Has to be the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard as verbal abuse is often far more hurtful than any physical abuse you can suffer. Maybe the police should consider this next time they are called out to handle a situation like this one.

p.s. sorry about the lack of photo.. also something i tend not to ask raving lunatics.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

A little down in the dumps

I know I've posted this picture before but it makes me smile

You know, its true what they say, you never realise how much someone means to you until you are away from them.

I have only been back in England since Friday but am missing Jack so much, he is such an important person in my life. I have gone from seeing him constantly for the last 4 months to not seeing him at all and it makes me so sad. I know it is only for the next couple of weeks, but when you have no money, and all your friends are working, two weeks seems like an incredibly long time!! Anyway, i guess it could be worse.

A 'very sad and tearful'


Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Meet Connie..

OK, so my little sister read my blog and was quite disturbed at the fact that i had not given her a personal shout out.. so here she is.. pretty little thing isn't she..

(i am slightly concerned as i am one of six children so have an incling i will be writing a few more of these!!)

Robbie?! It can't be!!

So me and Gemma are sitting in the Hare and Hounds last night. She thought it would be fun for me to teach her some Dutch (for those of you who know Gemma, you must know how challenging this would be!!) anyway so i attempted (i say attempted as she couldn't quite get the hang of it) to teach her Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Dutch. OK so once she thinks she has mastered it she feels this overwhelming urge to call Jack and sing to him her new found song (may i just add.. opening the sentence with.. faka! waar ben je? (yes - a little odd)) Anyway.. Jack seems to be at his Christmas party.. with.. The. One. The. Only. Robbie Williams!! Anyway you can imagine my complete and utter shock and disbelief!! (especially after my famous sighting of the Vicar from Eastenders!! Robbie hardly seems fair!! Anyway so i feel this overwhelming urge to call up everyone i know to tell them that Jack is in fact partying with The. One. The. Only. Robbie Williams!! well you can imagine there shock and disbelief also!!

Just to let these people know..

I was recently informed.

It was a look-alike.

Was. Not. Amused.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

So.. I was thinking..

Well i was sitting in the car last night listening too Graham Torringtons Late Night Love (this was kinda hard to admit but i got there in the end.) and he was talking about new beginnings for a new year and stuff like that.

You see, there are so many people out there that make new years resolutions and just don't stick to them, me included. So I've finally decided that i think new years resolutions are pointless for that mere reason. HOWEVER. I have made a decision to set myself a goal, not necessarily at the beginning of a new year but at any particular point where my life seems a little boring!

I mean i have taken a huge step over the last 3 or 4 months in moving to The Netherlands but i have been totally relying on others to help me, if it wasn't for my Mum and Val i most definatley wouldn't be in Holland. Through there love, support and belief in me i have been able to do what i am doing, not to mention the financial support they have given me. Also Monique, if it wasn't for Jacks mum then i wouldn't have a roof over my head and a place to sleep at night. My friends and family have all been so encouraging to me, i really couldn't have asked for more support!! Jack has been my rock over the last few months, obviously we have had arguments and tough times, but who doesn't? we always end up laughing about it afterwards anyway. Being away from somebody really makes you realise how much they mean to you.

Anyway, now i feel like I'm at the Baftas or something!! so back to the point! My point is i am going to start setting myself goals, as although i have moved to Holland and (finally) found myself a job i have set myself no real goals to achieve. So for the time being (and until i have completed the following things) these will be my goals to achieve!!

  • Firstly, I want to learn Dutch, i was never really any good at languages at school but it is so different when you actually live in that country, also if me and Jack get married someday i am really gonna have to understand the wedding!!

  • I want to make at least 6 new friends in the next two months!! I know you English people must think that's easy but BELIEVE ME it is sooo not when you don't speak the language!!

  • And finally (I'm struggling to think of this one but I'm trying!!) i want to try and get some more Independence, because all though i have moved to Holland, which of course is a very independent thing to do, i have been very much relying of Jacky for most things!!

So there you go!! My three goals to achieve asap!! Ill keep you posted!!

Until next time!!

Who wears the trousers?!

OK. So i can handle being woken up at some ridiculous hour in the morning to catch a plane. Go on Holiday. Receive some exciting news. OR EVEN WORK. But certainly. not. this. I am up. i have wellies on (and for those of you who know me. This would never usually happen.) I have the lead in one hand. The poopa scoopa in the other (and for all you Dutchies out there.. yes we do have to pick up the poop in England.. hence why i moved to the Netherlands.) and I'm just about ready to go. So I'm thinking, OK this is a good opportunity to get some exercise in the mornings (yes i have to do this everyday for at least the next two weeks) Well what a stoopid idea that was! have you ever tried to walk a dog in the freezing cold, gale force winds or Newton Abbot? DOGS. DON'T. MOVE.

OK. So we make it to the woods.. as you can see it goes on for a rather long time. So I'm walking, with my little camera having a whale of a time.

But it all gets a little to much for poor old molly. She needs to have another little rest. Bless her.

And another.

Until finally, she decides actually. Ive had enough, were off home now Rachel. Who does she think she is!! Someone needs to teach her who wears the trousers in this relationship.

Monday, 8 January 2007


Ben as enthusiastic as ever!!

Me all excited on Christmas Morning

Me and Giverney in Spoons on Christmas Eve. Shes one of my favourites.
OK so i know this Blog is a little mixed up in terms of order but i promise that will sort itself out as time goes on!! I just wanted to show you some of my photos from my Christmas in England.
I was suppose to be spending Christmas and New Year in Holland with Jack but unfortunately he had to work so was booked on a last minute flight to England!! This was kinda good as i got to see my friends and some of my family, however it meant i couldn't spend my first Christmas with Jack which was a little bit rubbish!!

Anyway seen as i will be unable to post very many photos of my friends back in England once i return to the Netherlands i thought i would post some now!! hope you enjoy them!!

Tot Ziens!!

Sunday, 7 January 2007

EasyJet Flight EC5CDSV

Right, so encase my week hasn't been bad enough.

I get to Schipol Airport and my flight to Bristol is cancelled!!! so the lovely woman (yes, singular, just one, for a whole plane full of passengers.) tells me that i can be put onto the next flight to Luton (this being the other side of the country for those of you who don't know) so i rush around to board this flight, get to the desk just as its closing. All is averagely OK so far.

I'm on the plane. We take off. We land.

I call my Dad. He's been drinking so can't drive the half an hour from his home to pick me up.

Still stranded in London!! Anyway so in the end i have to get a bus to the train station, a train to Farringdon, a train from Farringdon to Paddington and a train from Paddington to Reading. I then have to get a taxi to my Grandparents house, stay there over night, get a bus to the coach station and a four hour coach home to Devon!!!

25 hours and 35 minutes after leaving my home in Ridderkerk i finally arrive to my home in Newton Abbot!!

Yes. Feel for me.

I met my first famous person!!

OK.. so me and Jack.. Were sitting in a little restaurant in Dordrecht and this English family walk in.

Well i recognise the husband straight away but have no idea where from!! Jack thinks I'm being absolutely ridiculous, there not being a chance i could possibly know him.

So this guy leaves and i turn around and ask his wife where they are from and explain that i recognise him.. he was only in Eastenders!! couldn't believe it!! The poor guy probably doesn't even get recognised in England let alone Dordrecht!!!

doei doei!!

I've Found My Family!!

Timo, Caroline and Morten having fun on the Motorbikes!! (its a picture from a picture so a little bad quality!!)

I'm going to be completely honest. I was standing at the Ahoy! seriously asking myself what i was doing!! i was so scared!! What if they don't like me? what if i say something really stupid and they think I'm a weirdo? what if i have one of my random fainting sprees again? Anyway. I am SO pleased i went!! I had such a fantastic time!!

We went to the Dolfijnarium last Saturday and had such a good time!! The children i will be working with are completely awesome, I'm pretty sure we are going to get on great. Ineke and Robert are so lovely too, we share the same sense of humour which is always a good thing! hopefully we shall have some good times together and form some fantastic memories!! I don't start work with them until the 29th January so am actually back in the UK at the moment, a little unfortunate but it is really good to see everyone, all my friends and family.

Anyway back to the family!! So we went to the Doflijnarium and had such a lovely day! Caroline is such a sweetheart with a very cheeky grin!! Timo is also very lovely, we had a really nice time learning from each other!! he taught me some Dutch as i did him English!! Morten is the eldest of the children, i think he is the quieter of the three, however I'm sure i will be proved wrong!!

Well i will be sure to send you regular updates on the aupairing side of things once i start work with the family!!

until then!!

Tot Ziens!