Monday, 23 July 2007

I'm on contract!

Well, not entirely.

I went to my boss a while back to ask for a contract at O'sheas as i need one to rent an apartment.

Ill see what i can do , he said.

Saturday, i went into O'sheas equipted with my Sofi nummer and passport. A few minutesa fter handing it over Jonny (my boss) comes back to our table and asks for a chat with me.

Its blimin marvoulous isnt it. Some 'I've got nothing better to do with my time' customer felt the need to complain about me. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

If that isnt enough the conversation then went as follows.

'well, Rachel, we have a few new people on trials this week and if they prove to be really good then we will have to re-assess the situation and see who stays and who goes'

So basically, my job is on the line for no reason clear to me. Fabulous.


Getty72 said...

This is sooo not fair!! I am a manager and would never treat any of my staff like this. I will keep my fingers firmly crossed for you.

Best wishes and take care ~ Graham

Practically Dutch said...

Thank you! I am sure everything will work out ok, its just the principle!

thethinker said...

Hopefully everything will turn out okay. That is definitely not fair at all.

Anonymous said...

they do this because they have to give you benefits if you have a contract! how horrid!

Practically Dutch said...

Im sure it will turn out ok, they put a new guy on to train with me yesterday so i cant be all that bad!!

Ohhh... what kind of benefits?!

christina marie said...

That's crap, I hope everything gets sorted.

I like that you have a post dedicated to Jimmy Carr, even if I don't really like him (he definitely has his moments though). Did you see anything from the comedians I posted in my blog? I think I'll post another five in my next one... x

Anonymous said...

paid holidays, social security, overtime etc. good luck in your search!