Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Its about time..

... i posted again.

This week, ive been sick. Not really really sick, just a little under the weather. Well, apart from yesterday when i woke up early in the morning, sweating like a pig in a blanket, shaking like a mad woman and feeling like the exploisive in my head was in 10 seconds to count down mode. And yet, i still had to work last night. Not to worry though, i lived to tell the tale.

Take Off

I went to watch the children i teach english too in there school musical Monday. Funny. I arrived at 7.25, show started at 7.30. Never mind worrying about sitting next to noisy children, worry more about the imature adult who insists on laughing, making funny noises and tickling his kids the whole way through. To be honest, im not really one to talk. I spent most of my time pulling faces at the kids on stage and laughing at the struggle to keep shtum. Take Off (the name of the musical - unless you were wondering) lasted only 1hr. There was then an interval for 15 minutes and the second half of the show began. Talent. Or lack of.. the first 2 girls on stage sang a song which was pretty good i guess.. then there was an accordian. Yes - you heard correctly. People actually play that thing. After that a lad went on stage to conduct a game hosted on de lamas. Basically, 4 people have to leave the room, the audience picks a person, a weapon and a crime scene. One by one the people come back in, each having to guess who commited the crime etc.. WELL, the person - Pamela Anderson. the weapon - Her boobies. the crime scene - McDonalds. You can imagine the cherades going on throughout this game. Hosted by 10 year old kids.

Mortens Birthday

Monday was Mortens birthday, you can read more about it on Inekes blog (sorry - link is on my side bar) We had such a nice morning with presents and stuff - and lots of delicious home made apple tart. At least i got the important bits in there!

Ok, well thats all for now chaps!

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Getty72 said...

LOL...Pamela Anderson with her boobies in MacDonalds - Now, that would be one heck of a game of Cluedo... LOL... I'm still laughing.

Great post, and I do hope you are feeling better. Take care ~ Graham