Monday, 9 July 2007

My Weekend..


On Saturday me and Jacky boy went off to Kralingsebos. For those of you who don't know, Kralingsebos is a lake. One huge lake.

Around the lake there are three restaraunts (well.. two and a pancake house..) Anyway.. two were on the right hand side of the lake.. and the other on the left.

The left looked closer.

So we headed left. The restaraunt was closed. But of course by this time we had to just keep walking to the next. This is Jack taking a little rest.

After about an hour we reached the restaraunt, which to be honest looked far nicer than the first one we saw.. sat down.. had lunch and went on our merry way.

Saturday evening i stayed at Jacks, of course, calling for chinese and settling down to watch 'Crocodile'


christina marie said...

thankyou so much! i really hope i keep updating, i'm generally quite bad with these kind of things.

& i like this entry, that place looks lovelyyy. x

dutchie said...

Kralingsebos is a lake.

Practically Dutch said...

Hahaha! What would you call it!?

dutchie said...

kralingse plas is a lake
kralingse bos is a bunch of trees and grass. More formerly known as woods. Bushes maybe.

christina marie said...

I updated! aha
Saw your comment and was like 'crap. yeah, i should write a new post shouldn't i...'